User Agreement of Webpass

  1. Subject of Agreement

    1. The subject of the Agreement is a registration on the Service in order to use its opportunities.
    2. The legal force of the Agreement extend to all users of the Service.
    3. The agreement governs the responsibility of the Service during the provision of services and the responsibility of users when using the tools of the Service.
    4. The Service Administration has the right to make changes in the Agreement without special notification to users of the Service.
  2. Copyright Agreement

    1. The Service Administration owns copyrights on Service database and materials, including systematization, classification and information display in this database.
    2. Any copying of any Service materials without special written permission is prohibited.
    3. The Service Administration provides the user with personal non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use software provided by the Service, on condition that neither the user himself nor any other persons with the assistance of the user will
      • copy or modify software;
      • create software-derived programs;
      • penetrate software in order to obtain program codes;
      • sale, assign, lease, transfer in any other way rights to third parties on the software of the Service provided for user by the Agreement.
  3. The Service Administration is not responsible:

    1. For the use or inability to use the information of the Service.
    2. For losses caused by the use or inability to use the services and tools of the Service.
  4. You fully understand and agree that:

    1. The Administration of the Service does not guarantee the absence of errors and failures, including those that were caused by the operation of the software. The Service Administration will make every effort to eliminate any failures and errors as soon as possible.
    2. Downloading of any information or materials from the Webpass service is at your own risk. You are fully responsible for the loss of information or harm caused to your computer as a result of downloading information from the Webpass website.
  5. Using the Service, you understand that:

    1. Any form of unauthorized copying of the database, its structure, the structure of the Service interfaces is forbidden.
    2. Your registration on the Service confirms that you are authorized to: add/change/delete contact details and other information that is necessary for using the Service.
    3. The Service Administration has the right to limit the time of client’s technical support and consultations to one hour per month.
    4. The Service Administration reserves the right to remove or block access to information placed by User without warning in case of:
      • if the information placed by the user or the user’s actions effect an unauthorized intervention into operation of Service Administration’s electronic computers, automated systems, computer networks or telecommunication and radio networks.
  6. Service Changes

    1. We reserve the right to improve, update or modify the functions of our Services at our discretion. We will not significantly reduce the basic functionality or terminate the provision of any services without written notice.
  7. Your accounts

    1. You are solely responsible for any use of the Service by you and your users.
    2. We may suspend Service operation or terminate the legal force of Agreement if you or your users use the Services in a way that could be harmful.